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What's in a name?

Firehouse Logo

You may be wondering why we call our organization Firehouse? Well, it is because we saw a problem in how most organizations tried to extinguish the fire that young people had for life. We do not want to be another one of those organizations! We want to take the fire, the thirst and drive for life that young people have, and help them direct it in a positive way. We want to be a Fire-House!!!





Firehouse History

Well, it started many years ago with a vision my husband and I had. We had helped with many youth groups that the churches were too small to really have an active youth/college group. We loved working with the churches but wanted to reach the kids that either went to other small churches or no church at all.

Dave and I tried to start Firehouse in 2001 but with having our first child, Dave’s work schedule, and us moving a few times, we had to put Firehouse on hold. In 2003 God blessed us with the perfect home to host Firehouse. Everything we had envisioned for Firehouse started to come alive in us again.

In 2004 Dave met a pastor in our town that shared the same heart and then God opened the door to a whole new beginning. We opened our home up on Thursday nights with about 5 high school and college students. They ignited the fire in our hearts and there was nothing stopping us now! Some days I don’t know if God is using us to help them or them to help us!

I am amazed at God’s glory and the vision He is still unfolding!

~Jamie Cronk~

Our History with Love One Another Ministries

"God is gathering to Himself a peculiar people out of all nations. The vision of “Love One Another” is to nurture, mature and equip this peculiar people of God without regard for racial or denominational boundaries."

Love One Another is a ministry based out of South Africa that has had a large part in the formation and the continuation of Firehouse. LOA (Love One Another) has been operating in South Africa for over 20 years with Marvin & Charlotte Cronk leading it. Before starting LOA, Marvin & Charlotte started and pastor a very successful church in Denver, CO. They headed for South Africa in 1986 as a start to a fulfillment of a long dream of Charlotte's to be ministering to those in Africa.

Since Love One Another’s start all those years ago, it has grown tremendously and is currently ministering in many cities in South Africa including: Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Cape Town, De Ar, Mafikeng & some of the townships around and in these areas. Marvin & Charlotte have and continue to travel to various countries in Europe and the U.S. to minister and to share the love of the Father.

Every other year Marvin & Charlotte come to visit with Dave & Jamie for a few months. During their visit they attend most all Firehouse meetings and speak or teach at many of them. It is always an honor for us to have them!

For more information about Love One Another Ministries check out their website at (Currently their website is being redesigned so please be patient if you have difficulties with the website and check back often!)

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